A Failure On All Fronts, A Perpetual Mistake

from by In Tongues



Slavery by any other name. A complex deceit to target the poor.
The un-wanted, the un-needed: impoverished and hopeless, imprisoned
futures denied.

Human life as a commodity. The more caged the more money made.
Privatised denial of freedom driven by profit.
Liberties and rights auctioned away.

A failure on all fronts, a perpetual mistake.
This is not about the drugs or keeping people safe.

This is nothing but masked racism. Total eradication of the underclass.
The sick and afflicted judged as criminals and society's extra people
swept away.

No longer human being. Just a human resource.


from Entombed By Existence EP, released February 9, 2014




In Tongues Glasgow, UK

A gradual realisation of all colour drained from living.

Atonement Records.

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