Entombed By Existence

from by In Tongues



Predictability and stability. A pattern copied daily.
Ensnared by rituals beyond reason.
Entombed by this mundane existence.

Playing the game of a world I never asked for.
Oppressed and kept in my place. With no way to break out of the system
created by this corrupt, pathetic human race.

Clock in and fill the coffers of those you'll never meet
just to afford warmth and to eat.
Spending petty change on ephemeral experience
to take your mind of the paralysing numbness.

Born into slavery. Lies upon lies.
The will to question crushed with reckless force.
There are always those worse off though:
maybe I am just fucking bored.

Entombed by existence.


from Entombed By Existence EP, released February 9, 2014




In Tongues Glasgow, UK

A gradual realisation of all colour drained from living.

Atonement Records.

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