Your Words Will Never Be Mine

from by In Tongues



I take no comfort in false truths.
We are all rabbits caught in the snare.
I will cut these ties from my wrists and
take a stand against all I detest.
Against all, I attest.

Elected to speak for all by a broken system.
Your words will never be mine.
Western doctrine with no basis in reality.
Waging unjust war to toe the party line.

In this life you reap what you sow and soon begins a hell you
have never known. This mire of your making,
the depths of your deceit, carved the cesspool in which you'll drown.

Your words will never be mine.


from Entombed By Existence EP, released February 9, 2014




In Tongues Glasgow, UK

A gradual realisation of all colour drained from living.

Atonement Records.

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